The heart wants what it wants


The heart is a very foolish but none the less important organ. I Like to enlighten people about everyday issues from a few mistakes i may or may not have made that way i grow and you learn. Win-win.
Basically, there are people that make you feel like you are literally in heaven when you’re with them while others just make you feel like the devil’s house help. People that put smiles on your face and others that tear you apart. But now comes the ones that give you both extremes from good to bad and it confuses you. They make you smile yet you can’t help but cry whenever you think of them. They tell you all the right things yet you end up feeling bad about yourself whenever you’re with them. Some don’t do it intentionally while others live for it. You cry and laugh and smile and feel blue and love and hate and be happy and despair all at the same time and it rips you apart. All these emotions rip you apart piece by piece but you still want them… Need them, like the air that you breath. So what do you do?
Get rid of them to end the pain or continue to be with them because that’s the only kind of love you know. No one likes the feeling of giving up especially when it comes to the matters of the heart but perseverance with pain is what will break your heart. Now comes the part which you fear, to let them go without shedding a tear
We all have to make tough choices in life, is this one of them? Your brain tells you yes but your heart tells you no.
Well, you tell me because one thing that will remain as sure as ever is : The heart wants what it wants.

With love, Eye candy


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