A little bird once told me..👂

           The thing with broken clocks is you can always tell exactly when they stopped ticking. With people it isn’t so easy and sometimes you can’t even tell they are broken. But even a white rose has a black shadow, we all have black shadows. We are the ones with the power to decide which direction to point them at. 👆👉👇👈
             Even the worst days only have 24 hours. I guess what am       trying to say here is no matter what it is you are going through right now it will all come to pass, don’t hold back the tears, they will make you stonger. 🗽
          Some people think that to be strong is to never feel pain. In reality, the strongest people feel it, understand it and accept it. 💪

You will get through it, whatever it is, i promise.

With love, Eye candy


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