World’s tallest and scariest skywalks

If you love great heights and have an undying adrenaline rush whenever you are at a high levell above the ground, this post is for you. Even if you don’t though bt you would like to concquor your fear of heights this  is also for you.

Step into the void


This beautiful skywalk is found in Aiguille du Midi in the French Alps. You get to have a magnificent view of the mountains that wiill definately stick in your minds forever.

The Grand canyon



This is probably one of the scariest one in this world.  Imagine overlooking the canyon  under your feet protected only by some glass. It is managed by the Hualapai tribe and the views are breath taking.

The ledge



This once in a lifetime view is located in Chicago and has a tremendously superb  view of  the city. It is a glass balcony that is1450 feet high.

Eurika towers


Found in victoria , Australia thir skyline is 935 feet above the ground. Are you brave enough to trust a piece of glass to support you hundreads of feet above he ground? For such a view, i know i am.


The Tokyo Skytree
This skytree is located, get this, 2080 feet above the ground. It is locateed in Sumida Tokyo.


With love, Eye candy


2 thoughts on “World’s tallest and scariest skywalks

  1. I am scared of heights! My heart would be pounding the whole time and I get light headed then dizzy. I can visit the mountains, but standing at cliffs oh my goodness no. My head hurts from looking at the picture of The Ledge where that person is laying there. I probably would like the adrenaline rush from it after I was back to safety. These are some amazing images. Thanks for sharing! 🙂


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