Be my naughty TED 🔞



   (Reader discretion is advised)    

         Cuff my hands to the bed
          Baby, be my naughty Ted
          Whisper softly in my ear
       Tell me you’ll always be here.

            Make me scream
Rub me up with whipped cream
           Please, make me beg
I want  you to break me like an

       Command me to say  Your
       It’s my body i want you to   
      Pin me up against the wall,
      Don’t hold back, i want  it all.

               Bite my lower lip,
                Fill me in,  deep   
    Kiss my neck and pull my hair,
             Eat my kitty like a bear.
By, Eye Candy.
This is just part one of the three series erotica poem i wrote a while back. It’s pretty much one of the rouchiest poems i have ever composed. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as i enjoyed writing it.

With love, Eye candy


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