Enigmatic kind of love


It’s you that i see
When i close my eyes,
It’s you that weakens my knee
And the inside of my thighs.

I blush like a fool
Whenever am with you,
I don’t try to be cool
Loving you is all i can do.

They wonder how we do it
Till the seraphims get jelous,
How we always get through it
“Tell us,” they beg, “tell us.”

He looks at me and winks
And happily holds my hand,
I look back as i shyly blink
Even we don’t understand.

By Eye Candy.
Imagine a love that is soo deep the Seraphims themselves get jelous. I crave a love so deep not only the seraphims but the ocean itself gets jelous.
*A girl can dream*

With love, Eye candy

© All Rights Reserved


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