Everything I Never Told You

I never told you how you made the hair on my skin waltz about whenever our skins touched, how i felt my eyes dilate when you went down on me, how i held my breath whenever you winked at me, how my thighs clenched whenever you bit your lower lip.
You made my mind race with thoughts of you, wondering if you were okay, if you were happy, if you had eaten, if you slept well, if you needed a feel-good kiss. 
Do you know that i really really liked you? Do you know that my like grew to something bigger? Do you know that i loved you? Do you know i wanted to be your bride oneday? Do you know our first baby girl could have been named raquael?
I needed you and you were there. I cried with you, laughed, talked, fought, made up and in every single step you never left my side.
If only we were bold enough to admit what we felt for each other. If only we were strong enough to take it all in then let it all out. If only we were more than just complicated friends. If only i had the chance to really leash out my undying love for you, to you. If only i had more time, i would take the chance and make things right.
But this is what happens when you slack, when you wish on a star that has already passed, when you wish on an if only and pray to God that he would give you the chance to go back in time.
I would have told you how much i was inlove with you. I would have told you how i wanted to grow old with you by my side. I would have helped you concquor your fear of heights, we would have concquored it together. I would have let you make love to me by the sea while the hazy sun set in the background.
We would have made for fun grandparents, am sure of it. We would have gone to fiji and jumped from a plane, climbed the Kilimanjaro and set sail in a beautiful sea. We would have lived a life without fear of judgement for our love.
But one night, you said goodbye to the world. You said goodbye to my heart. You were not ill neither were you depressed. You were not hit by a car or shocked by the electric fence. On that night, you went to sleep but you never came back to me.

By Eye candy

With love, Eye candy

© All Rights Reserved


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