The girl I am isn’t me


Behind my smile
Is a hurting heart
Behind my laugh
I’m falling apart
Look closely at me
And you will see
The girl I am, isn’t me.

By Trust me you’re perfect
With love,
Eye candy.


11 thoughts on “The girl I am isn’t me

  1. I’ve felt the same way. You are a beautiful mess on the inside, but you show those around you what they want to see. I do this too, I do this so I don’t make the ones I love worry, I do this so I don’t hurt people. I’de rather keep all of my pain inside and walk around with a smile because i don’t ever want anyone to feel the way I do inside. I keep them away from my mess, out of fear or dragging them into it.


    • Wow, that’s exactly it. I guess this poem spoke to you. Maybe try talking to someone…your best friend, psychologist or a random stranger then you run away. IDK. Don’t lock yourself in a broken soul or I promise one day you’ll loose control.
      With love, Eye candy

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  2. This is beautiful, I sometimes feel like this too but I’ve learnt to pass the feelings out by writing, drawing, dancing, reading and I sometimes talk to my mum. it really helps a lot when you talk to someone though because you’ll be amazed by the time you do and realize your case is better than a lots’ stories


    • that is true. Having someone to talk to is usually very important and if you have that, especially your mum, then you got nothing to be worried about. your blog is amazing by the way.
      with love, Eye candy.


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