Know Your holidays

Here is a list of tomorrow’s weird little holidays around the world. Which one will yoholidaysu be celebrating tomorrow?

  1. Turtle adoption day (go adopt a lonely green slow creature)
  2. Sinkie day ( for people who dine over the sink, today, don’t feel ashamed)
  3. Buy nothing day (protest against consumerism)
  4. Flossing day
  5. National Bavarian cream pie day (get yourself some chilled pie)
  6. National leftovers day (make some new dishes from all your leftovers)
  7. Pie in the face day (stuff it…stuff it!)
  8. National native American heritage day
  9. National pins and needles day
  10. National four hugs day (find four people who need a hug and squeeze them real tight till their eyeballs pop out. No, seriously-pop!)



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