cosmic love

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cosmic love 1

My beloved,
Oh, my beloved……
I want to declare my love for you to the universe.

Let me call your name to the sun and stars,
Let me scream my devotion to the ocean’s depths……
To earth’s molten core.

Why should any corner of the Cosmos be denied your radiance?
Let the Galaxies themselves crave your divine embrace
As do I………

Intoxicated with passion,
I want to caress you like the wild sea’s wave on the sandy
Endlessly………, Endlessly………
Pulling back some small grain of you to myself with each
Until our atoms dance intertwined……., the electric nuclear
tango of fusion.

Let me be your satellite……..,your moon…..
Circling slowing round the edge of your magnificence.
You always in my gaze
And I caught ……in the gravitational pull of tantric longing.
Wanting……, Wanting….,
Dizzy with desire for your presence…..
Oh, consume me as the candle’s flame consumes the air
As it’s light absorbs the darkness till our essences are

Devoted…… Devotion…..
You are my mantra and my meditation.
Worshiping your beauty
I will whisper your name into the flower petals
And set it floating gently, a vesper on the evening breeze
You my Mecca….,and I your pilgrim

Sharon Catley

Do you believe in cosmic love?
With love,
Eye candy


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