It’s about how it feels


It’s not about whether it’s wrong or right,
It’s about how it feels,
I know we only have tonight,
So embrace me till all my pain heals.

I don’t care to do the right thing
Because I know loving you is wrong,
You said, “this has never been a meaningless fling, the fire that burns in my heart will forever live on.”

Just go back to your wife
The one you don’t even love,
Because I know in this life,
You I can never have.
                              Eye candy

So, what did you understand from the poem and who do you think is the persona here? Like it? Let me know, I love hearing your thoughts.


3 thoughts on “It’s about how it feels

  1. a guy and a girl who were once sweethearts for a long time…then shit happened and broke up..then they met later in life and the guy had already moved on, but they started hookin’ up…it doesnt feel right but they are doing it anyway ..coz of the love they shared …
    so the girl tells him to go back to his wife who he doesnt even love..

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