You need to read this


I tagged a few of you guys on your blogs about me nominating you for The Spirit Animal Blog Award but the post ain’t up yet because of a few technical hitches. It will be up on Saturday so keep a look out.
Also, there is a poem called, ‘I hope you die in a freak accident’ if my memory serves me right that i read on WP but i have really looked for it everywhere and i can’t find it or the author. If the poem belongs to you then please inform me so that i can feature you as a guest poet on my blog.
Aside from that, i love you guys so very much. You inspire me in ways i can’t possibly describe. If anyone of you ever feels the need to talk, discuss or request something from me please feel free to ask.
(If any of you are wondering about the person in the pic, that’s me. Figured it’s about time you know your faithful blogger)
                              With love,
                                 Eye Candy


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