anime love

The evil signs that mankind is coming to a fatal end has come. I am glad to introduce to you, THE G-SPOT. Yes! Humanity is coming down thanks to little miss g-spot over here. It’s like she controls the world. Actually, she does control the world. Men cannot go a day without seeing a g-spot, tasting a g-spot or thinking about a g-spot. Be it black, white, or fifty other shades of bloody grey, a g-spot is a g-spot and men will do just about anything to get it. These days they say it as ‘tap that’ which means ‘bang that’ which means ‘g-spot baby, here I come.’  G-spot holders, let them drool but don’t let them drill. Seduce them, flirt with them, give a kiss here and there but when it comes to down there, don’t let them an inch close.

 Ladies what you don’t realize is that in order to get ‘the main man’ or the ‘guy of your dreams’ you don’t give, you stall. Your cookie is the slice of heaven that they want and it is exactly what you should not let them have. That is the only way you keep them there until they see that truly, this girl is not just some random person that I can ‘get it’ from whenever I think of it. Surprise him here and there with little teases and go a whole mile to make out and do other things with him that will entice him and keep him coming back. The more you tease, flirt and show some skin here and there is the more he will continue to come back to you until finally he can’t see anyone else apart from you. Know why?  Because you have kept him guessing and have kept him interested all through but at the same time you haven’t given this physical creature the chance to taste little miss g-spot. It’s like a tag of war but in this case you have the upper hand because you give him an ultimatum. If he moves past the tag line, he loses any chance he had dreamt of ever ‘getting it’ but if he continues to stay on the other side, then maybe, just maybe, something good might come out of his ‘patience’. You are the one to decide when to pull him over to your side, when finally he puts a ring on it, or not. It really just depends on what you hope to gain from that relationship:  Marriage or just something to pass time. Either way, holding on to the cookie and testing his patience is good to also know whether his intentions towards you are pure or if you are just ‘another girl’.

Give him head and let him go down on you once in a while. Touch him here and there and let him do the same because you can’t just shut him off completely and expect him to be celibate for you for 2 years. Not going to happen. Men are physical creatures whether we like to admit it or not and yours is no different so honey stop avoiding the truth and know what to do about it to get your image stuck in his head. When you are both ready, you two will know. Feel the pressure to give it up but don’t do it because it’s exactly how you will end up in bed crying all alone with tissues all over the place, writing the story of your life on your diary and a cat to comfort you. This is me making sure that the man you want to spend the rest of your life with actually does that.

Take my advice or at the very least, think about it.

With love,

Eye Candy


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