I’d rather be a boy and play with paper planes, than be a man and play with a woman’s heart.” In your the number of men is countable as compared to the number of boys who have refused to grow up. Don’t try to convince yourself that you are a man simply because you have reached a certain age. No can do. You can be a boy at 28 and another can be a man at 18. Want to know how we can tell? Continue reading. The ideal idea that women these days want is a man like the now very famous Christian Grey from the book and movie, Fifty Shades of Grey. A man with a sense of power and control and confidence and intimidation that sends a cold chill down everyone’s spine the minute he walks into a room. For the ladies reading this article, how many guys have made you feel overwhelmed in this manner? Try to think of just one, just one. It’s hard, isn’t it? And for the guys, who do you think you are? A man or a boy? I know you said a man but are you really? Well, listed below is the differences that tell a man from a boy so read them up and see where you fall.

view, is this a boy or a man? You’ll find out, continue reading. Many a times, ladies need men in their lives but so often it is that they end up being disappointed. Why? Because:

1. Boys find excuse of how they can’t. Men find ways of how they can.
2. Boys claim they can do something. Men get up and actually do it.
3. Boys blame people for their mistakes. Men take responsibility and find solutions.
4. Boys seek permission to do things. Men give permission to others.
5. Boys try to blend in. Men make sure they stand out.
6. Boys hide from fear. Men embrace their fears.
7. Boys use their insecurities as excuses (to fail). Men use their insecurities as reasons (to succeed).
8. Boys feel intimidates by others success. Men feel inspired to succeed.
9. Boys go the easy way. Men go the right way.
10. Boys live the life society/their parents want. Men live the life they want however they want it.
11. Boys feel good putting others down. Men feel good lifting others up.
12. Boys keep on complaining. Men go out there and get what they want.
13. Boys repress their feelings. Men express their feelings.
14. Boys need more time to be ready for the world. Men need more challenges to overcome.
15. Boys are always intimidated. Men intimidate others.
Is it too much to ask that men, man up? The difference between a boy and a man is not how they make mistakes but how they rebound from these mistakes. How they take control of situations. How they address issues in case the same situation arises again. How you dress. How you speak (with utter confidence of course) and the things that come from your mouth.  When a guy says, “I’d rather be a boy and play with paper planes, than be a man and play with a woman’s heart.” What does this make him?  Boy or a man? Well, this is a very well spoken man who would rather destroy inanimate items than dare mess around with a woman s heart. A boy is one who looks for different girls to sleep with, but a man spends his time looking for that special someone worth waking up to each day.
My view: You don’t have to be a man to know a boy when you see one. You don’t have to be a boy to know a man when you see one.

Boys, it’s about that time you grew bigger balls and man up.

With love,

Eye Candy



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