Weird Holidays People Actually Celebtare

I love holidays, you love holidays, most of us love holidays but there are some which exist that are not only peculiar and a bit mind boggling but also makes you wonder who came up with them. Let us get straight into it. Here are two weird holidays which you can celebrate today.

  1. Ball point pen day- This is a celebration of (you guessed it) ball point pens. There was a time these pens could only be afforded by the rich but now they are everywhere and some stores even have offers and sales for them so, go buy yourself a ball point pen.ballpoint pen
    1. Iced tea day- as the name suggests, today is the day you try out that iced tea that you’ve never had the time to try before. All in the holiday spirit of course.

    iced tea

    Have a lovely day today and remember, iced tea is good for your soul. (or something)

With love,

Eye Candy.


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