True poetry and art can only come from deep within the soul not just at the top of your head randomly.
On this blog, i highlight some of the poems that i feel make me come alive whenever i read them. Poems that consume my heart with desire for the forbidden things. All from Shakesphere to some undiscovered poets from the net and even to myself. You read poetry for long you end up becoming one with it. The words stick in your mind and all you want to do is compose.
Each poem highlighted here will be accredited to it’s rightful owner/composer. Terms and conditions apply. Copyright to subject. Illegal copying/plagiarism is punishable by law.
Hope you guys get some sort of inspiration or whatever it is you are seeking. love you all.♥♡♥
Lets do this. 😉
#poetry #creativewriting

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    • sorry for the late reply. Network troubles on this side of the world. Thank you so much for the nomination. i really do appreciate it and i actually get a lot of inspiration from reading your blog, a lot. thanks again.
      with love, Eye candy.

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