Weird Holidays People Actually Celebtare


I love holidays, you love holidays, most of us love holidays but there are some which exist that are not only peculiar and a bit mind boggling but also makes you wonder who came up with them. Let us get straight into it. Here are two weird holidays which you can celebrate today.

  1. Ball point pen day- This is a celebration of (you guessed it) ball point pens. There was a time these pens could only be afforded by the rich but now they are everywhere and some stores even have offers and sales for them so, go buy yourself a ball point pen.ballpoint pen
    1. Iced tea day- as the name suggests, today is the day you try out that iced tea that you’ve never had the time to try before. All in the holiday spirit of course.

    iced tea

    Have a lovely day today and remember, iced tea is good for your soul. (or something)

With love,

Eye Candy.

You need to read this



I tagged a few of you guys on your blogs about me nominating you for The Spirit Animal Blog Award but the post ain’t up yet because of a few technical hitches. It will be up on Saturday so keep a look out.
Also, there is a poem called, ‘I hope you die in a freak accident’ if my memory serves me right that i read on WP but i have really looked for it everywhere and i can’t find it or the author. If the poem belongs to you then please inform me so that i can feature you as a guest poet on my blog.
Aside from that, i love you guys so very much. You inspire me in ways i can’t possibly describe. If anyone of you ever feels the need to talk, discuss or request something from me please feel free to ask.
(If any of you are wondering about the person in the pic, that’s me. Figured it’s about time you know your faithful blogger)
                              With love,
                                 Eye Candy

Weirdest laws around the world


Some people believe that laws are made to be broken while others insist the complete opposite of that. Either way, i can’t help but raise a questioning eyebrow at some of the most outrageously crazy laws passed around the world and honestly speaking, am not too sure i can follow them all. Here is what i found out, no offense if you happen to live in the country mentioned.

1. It’s illegal to be overweight in Japan, the country that brought us Sumo wrestling.sumo

2. In Maldives, one of the most beautiful places in the world, walking out of your house with your bible if forbidden. If you’ve got to read the word, do it inside your home.

3. In Saudi Arabia, women are not supposed to drive cars on the claim that it may lead to pregnancy problems. That is a little sexist and total BS if you ask me.woman.jpg

4. In Milan, one is legally required to smile at all times except at hospitals and funerals or you may be charged with a very hefty fine. Too bad for the grumpy little

5. It is illegal to die in the house of parliament. (like we actually have any control over that situation. Hope they can find my ghost and fine it) and guess where this is? England!

6. Apparently, and i can’t even believe this is a thing, it is illegal to have a sleeping donkey in your bathtub past 7pm in Oklahoma. Right, because that makes sense.donkey.jpg

7. Forgetting is something man is prone to daily but in Samoa, dare you forget your wife’s birthday!!!

8. Men, I’m pretty sure a bunch of you if not mos,t love your beards and some even grow them to mustaches but if you live in Lowa then you know where I’m going with this. It is illegal to kiss a woman in public if you have a mustache. I guess its DIAHAPFGS for you. (do it at home alone please for goodness sake)


9. Flushing the toilet after 10pm in an apartment building is so illegal in Switzerland you can actually get arrested. So yawl don’t go to the loo at night then or are you some kind of superhuman breed? Noise pollution they say.

10. My parties always starts on Thursdays and God knows one can’t be in total control of oneself when a little high right? Well, if you live in Florida, it is illegal to fart after 6pm on Thursdays. I can’t tell what is actually more baffling; the fact that it is illegal to fart on Thursday or that it is illegal to fart past 6pm.


11. “Oh shucks, i run out of petrol. What am i going to do?” uuumh, get arrested that’s what. Living in Germany? Hope you never ever ever run out of petrol because if you do and start honking for help from other drivers, FINE!!!!

12. This is the actual proof that governments have people secretly under surveillance. In Oregon, talking dirty while having sex is illegal. Who even keeps record of this? I guess foreplay is out of the window!

13. In Victoria Australia, you should not dare change your light bulb if you are not an licensed electrician or else the god of lightning shall strike thee down!!!!

14. In Thailand, it is illegal to step on money. (like someone can do that on purpose, oh wait, look at the world that we live in)


15. There is no minimum age for marriage in Saudi Arabia. One time, a young girl was denied divorce from her, get this, 58 year old husband!!! I can’t even say anything about this madness.

16. Police are allowed to arrest anyone suspected of having HIV/AIDS. police

3 day quote challenge (day 2)



This is part two of the challenge where i will post up another quote. Here goes it;

Poetry is my way of saying that sex is not the only way i want to be inside you

Whooo!!! *wipes a drip of sweat*

In the  third part i shall nominate three blogs that i think are off the hook for the challenge. Stay tuned to see if your blog lands it.

With love, Eye candy.

The 3 days 3 quotes challenge (day 1)


I want to thank Akhila for nominating me for the three day three quotes challenge. Head over to her blog and check it out. It has some pretty insightful posts. just followed it this week and I’m already in love with it.

Today, i feel like channeling a bit of wisdom from the olden days so here goes my first quote.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”



The planets are about to align: On 20 January, all five bright planets – Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn – will appear in a line, visible to the naked eye.


2012 The Awakening

Image Credit: Dr Alan Duffy using SkySafari

  • BY Anne Johnston |
  • January 15, 2016

FROM 20 JANUARY to 20 February, all five visible planets will sit in a line from the horizon to the moon – for the first time since 2005.

Dr Alan Duffy, research fellow at Swinburne University in Melbourne, said that this reasonably rare alignment is “essentially a quirk” of the universe. All the planets sit on a flat plane but have different yearly cycles – so for all five visible planets to happen to line up is “something well worth seeing,” he said.

According to Dr Tanya Hill, senior curator at the Melbourne Planetarium, there will be another chance to view the planets lined up in August, but then not again until October 2018.

What to look out for

From Wednesday 20 January, star gazers will have a 5.30am-5.40am AEDT (Australian Eastern Daylight Time) window to get…

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