A Small Thank You- Also…


It has been a while since i posted something on the blog 

But nevertheless you guys keep on following me 

Been a couple rough months 

But I’m glad you’re all still here with me. 
You will never know how much this blog means to me 

So thank you for the love 

And for sticking around. 


Your poet is back healthier and better.​

Blogger Recognition Award



I want to thank palfitness for nominating me for this award. Though it has taken some time for me to work on this due to a few complications at home, i truly appreciate the recognition.

Rule number one- thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog–  Done!

Now, the second rule –
Provide a link to the award creator.

The fourth rule!
Nominate fifteen other bloggers, excluding yourself and the person who nominated you.

  1. papergirlwritting
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  3. chevvy8
  4. mysillyworld
  5. funmibifayemi
  6. robertmgoldensteinwindrush
  7. smonaghan
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  13. inspiredvisionsllc
  14. eyewillnotcry
  15. charlypriest

5th rule is to say why I started my blog:

To anonymously be able to express myself to the world and share my thoughts but since all of you have been so good to me the decision to stay anonymous just vanished. I love you guys.

6th Rule advice to new bloggers.

Three words; consistency is key. You have to keep on updating your content and putting in new ones at least three times a week. I may have slacked in the past two months or so but i have learned my lesson, trust me.

7th rule:

The blogs I have nominated are a combination of both old friends and new ones and you should check them out.

With love, Eye candy.


Know Your holidays


Here is a list of tomorrow’s weird little holidays around the world. Which one will yoholidaysu be celebrating tomorrow?

  1. Turtle adoption day (go adopt a lonely green slow creature)
  2. Sinkie day ( for people who dine over the sink, today, don’t feel ashamed)
  3. Buy nothing day (protest against consumerism)
  4. Flossing day
  5. National Bavarian cream pie day (get yourself some chilled pie)
  6. National leftovers day (make some new dishes from all your leftovers)
  7. Pie in the face day (stuff it…stuff it!)
  8. National native American heritage day
  9. National pins and needles day
  10. National four hugs day (find four people who need a hug and squeeze them real tight till their eyeballs pop out. No, seriously-pop!)


Today’s weekly holiday update (14th October)


Here is a list of the holiday that are being celebrated around the world today:


  1. Bring your teddy bear to work and school day.
  2. Take your parents to lunch day.
  3. National stop bullying day.
  4. National pet obesity awareness day.
  5. National dessert day.
  6. International top spinning day.
  7. National chocolate covered insect day.


World’s tallest and scariest skywalks


If you love great heights and have an undying adrenaline rush whenever you are at a high levell above the ground, this post is for you. Even if you don’t though bt you would like to concquor your fear of heights this  is also for you.

Step into the void


This beautiful skywalk is found in Aiguille du Midi in the French Alps. You get to have a magnificent view of the mountains that wiill definately stick in your minds forever.

The Grand canyon



This is probably one of the scariest one in this world.  Imagine overlooking the canyon  under your feet protected only by some glass. It is managed by the Hualapai tribe and the views are breath taking.

The ledge



This once in a lifetime view is located in Chicago and has a tremendously superb  view of  the city. It is a glass balcony that is1450 feet high.

Eurika towers


Found in victoria , Australia thir skyline is 935 feet above the ground. Are you brave enough to trust a piece of glass to support you hundreads of feet above he ground? For such a view, i know i am.


The Tokyo Skytree
This skytree is located, get this, 2080 feet above the ground. It is locateed in Sumida Tokyo.


With love, Eye candy