Nay, Nay, Nay!



I shut my eyes and dare to hope
That maybe today is the day
That the shadows will let me cope
I hear them whisper, “nay, nay, nay.”

Ignoring, i squeeze my eyes shut
Try to picture; birds, peace, blue sky,
Muff my ears with a thick hat
But sadly, i still see myself die.

A rustling under my small bed
That sounds like a sick voice dying
Makes me jump and hit my big head,
Suddenly, i can’t stop crying.

I flip my light switch on, nothing.
I try to reach for my phone, nowhere.
I feel my leg caught by something
My fear i can not bear.

Screaming, i cry for help out loud
As my blankets come falling down.
I can’t say why i made no sound
But till date, i never left town.
                               Eye Candy

I have written this poem at 12.50 AM beacuse i have insomnia and it just kind of came to me. I really love it and i hope you guys will to. Do share your thoughts on this eight sylabble poem especially on the last stanza, what do you think happened to this girl???

It’s about how it feels



It’s not about whether it’s wrong or right,
It’s about how it feels,
I know we only have tonight,
So embrace me till all my pain heals.

I don’t care to do the right thing
Because I know loving you is wrong,
You said, “this has never been a meaningless fling, the fire that burns in my heart will forever live on.”

Just go back to your wife
The one you don’t even love,
Because I know in this life,
You I can never have.
                              Eye candy

So, what did you understand from the poem and who do you think is the persona here? Like it? Let me know, I love hearing your thoughts.

The Lonely Poet


drowning girl

Her beautifully broken words, made tears fall from crowds

She thought that she could heal, stop the pain that she feels.


A broken heart can be fixed,

But a soul, it becomes sick, not even with a kiss,

It’s redemption becomes jinxed.


So she kept on saving others,

Even though they were not her brothers,

They found solace in her words,

As she drowned with her demons in the floods.

With love,

Eye Candy

I can’t drown my demons



I can’t drown my demons
They know how to swim.
They lurk in the shadows
To the very core of my soul.

It’s dark inside
And I’m drowning with each breath,
I don’t want you to love me
I just want you to save me.

I’m a girl made of darkness
No light within,
But you can’t see my sadness
Nor the lie that I’m living.

Maybe I don’t want to be rescued
Or better yet to be loved,
Because the only love I know
Is the pain of the life I own.
                            Eye Candy.



Emptiness was looking at yourself in the mirror and acknowledging that you will never be society’s defination of perfect. You walk around like a corpse feeling your soul fade away every second, and there is nothing to do about it. There is nothing you want to do about it.

Emptiness tasted like a gum that has lost it’s taste yet you keep on chewing because you’re too lazy to spit it out and take another one. Your mouth is disgusted by the taste and you are torturing the muscles in your stomach by faking the thought of eating. You keep on chewing just for the sake of it.

Emptiness is what i feel now and emptiness is what i fear that i shall feel forever.

By Nemock from wattpad.
(Edited version.)

With love, Eye candy

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