A Small Thank You- Also…


It has been a while since i posted something on the blog 

But nevertheless you guys keep on following me 

Been a couple rough months 

But I’m glad you’re all still here with me. 
You will never know how much this blog means to me 

So thank you for the love 

And for sticking around. 


Your poet is back healthier and better.​

Flowers vs Weeds



Your mind is a garden  your thoughts are seeds. You can grow flowers or you can grow weeds.

If you think negatively you will grow negatively and if you think positively so shall you grow. The choice is yours on what you want to make of your life before you die, because you will.

I can only do so much as to tell you, the rest is all you.
                                  With love,
                                   Eye Candy

The flower who refused to bloom


Untangle your Mind

She was a flower who refused to bloom,
Beautiful yet unassuming.
Many had wanted to touch her,
But she pricked them with her thorns.
At times when the rays of sunlight would touch her,
She would raise her face to the sun.
And I swear-
Even the skies would cry at her beauty
Begging her to slowly bloom.

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Nay, Nay, Nay!



I shut my eyes and dare to hope
That maybe today is the day
That the shadows will let me cope
I hear them whisper, “nay, nay, nay.”

Ignoring, i squeeze my eyes shut
Try to picture; birds, peace, blue sky,
Muff my ears with a thick hat
But sadly, i still see myself die.

A rustling under my small bed
That sounds like a sick voice dying
Makes me jump and hit my big head,
Suddenly, i can’t stop crying.

I flip my light switch on, nothing.
I try to reach for my phone, nowhere.
I feel my leg caught by something
My fear i can not bear.

Screaming, i cry for help out loud
As my blankets come falling down.
I can’t say why i made no sound
But till date, i never left town.
                               Eye Candy

I have written this poem at 12.50 AM beacuse i have insomnia and it just kind of came to me. I really love it and i hope you guys will to. Do share your thoughts on this eight sylabble poem especially on the last stanza, what do you think happened to this girl???

Midnight Snack



when the night has crept into morning
and I am hungry for poetry
I tiptoe through your words
I devour each syllable
let each letter melt on my tongue

when I crave emotion
I nibble on your thoughts
I savor your creativity
let the beauty you cook up
fill me completely

when I read your heart
you spill upon the page
I get lost in your sweet aroma
and wish I were the one
who soaked up every last drop
of your love

By Kalypso from hello poetry.

here is the link: CLICK ME

3 day quote challenge (day 2)



This is part two of the challenge where i will post up another quote. Here goes it;

Poetry is my way of saying that sex is not the only way i want to be inside you

Whooo!!! *wipes a drip of sweat*

In the  third part i shall nominate three blogs that i think are off the hook for the challenge. Stay tuned to see if your blog lands it.

With love, Eye candy.