BORN ( Simple and oh-so-deep)


I don’t wish
for myself to die,
but I wish that
I was never born.
I wouldn’t die
after I’m broken,
but I’d be dead
before I’m torn.

By ThePoet on hello poetry.

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Bread and Music


Music i heard with you was more than music,
And bread i broke with you was more than bread;
Now that i am without you all is desolate,
All that was once beautiful is dead.

Your hands once touched this table and this silver,
And i have seen your fingers hold this glass.
These things do not remember you, beloved,
And yet your touch upon them will not pass.

For it was in my heart you moved among them,
And blessed them with your hands and with your eyes;
And in my heart they will remember always,
They knew you once, O beautiful and wise.

                        Conrad Aiken

The Lonely Poet


drowning girl

Her beautifully broken words, made tears fall from crowds

She thought that she could heal, stop the pain that she feels.


A broken heart can be fixed,

But a soul, it becomes sick, not even with a kiss,

It’s redemption becomes jinxed.


So she kept on saving others,

Even though they were not her brothers,

They found solace in her words,

As she drowned with her demons in the floods.

With love,

Eye Candy