A Small Thank You- Also…


It has been a while since i posted something on the blog 

But nevertheless you guys keep on following me 

Been a couple rough months 

But I’m glad you’re all still here with me. 
You will never know how much this blog means to me 

So thank you for the love 

And for sticking around. 


Your poet is back healthier and better.​

With love, Eye Candy



In about three weeks, i have gotten more than 70+ followers so this post is just to thank you guys for liking the content i post up. I am such a virgin blogger but all will be learned in due time. Continue to read up my content, like and share it. I would also love to hear what you guys think about the blog so far on the comments section or you can just send me an email. I post up some of my personal work but if any of you would like me to share something you have published just email or tag my name in the share request and if the content is really good, i will gladly share it and a link to your blog. (Ask my followers) I love you guys. 

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